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The Foundation of Our Work

Organisations as Complex Living Systems

We view Organisations as dynamic living entities where people come together to achieve a certain goal. Organisations as 'living systems' are as complex as the people that make them up. All of us contribute by bringing our diverse energy, knowledge, emotions, world -view & values. We are constantly interacting, creating, relating, negotiating to accomplish the goal. This experience leads to a continuous cycle of complexity, diversity, change, fatigue, tension. It is peoples intentions and actions which bring to life the inert organisational structures and processes.

Complexity theory - as it's applied to organisations or a group of people - is a way of understanding how a community, an organisation or any group of living things actually behaves in the real world. Viewing organisations as complex adaptive/evolving systems, complexity thinking discourages approaches that are linear, bounded and overtly analytical. It also discourages any attempt to find simple solutions or, indeed, solutions of any kind - preferring instead a process of continual engagement and adaptation. Organisations thus are best understood as 'complex adaptive systems'. The patterns of interaction and feedback between elements in the system can lead to unexpected reactions. The system as a whole and the components within it have to constantly adapt and respond to internal and external changes.

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