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Improving Organisation Agility

The complexity, uncertainty and turbulence in today's business environment and the world we live in require fundamentally different ways of perceiving, thinking, leading and living.Our Agility Insights Assessment supports organisations in improving their agility to operate in today's environment.

INsights Toolbox for Organizations

The INsights Toolbox™is a set of diagnostic think tools for leadership teams to dig into the depth of the capabilities for innovation and performance in their organizations. We support leaders and professionals with these management tools to decode the organizational potential and interferences with the Performance Triangle™and through a facts- based interpretation of the diagnostic results.

Insights Tools for leadership teams of all kinds of organizations:

Focus: management. Flexible diagnostic suites establish a holistic view of the organization in order to identify the critical capabilities required to cope with turbulent times and reduce the entrepreneurial risk.

Purpose: intangible value. Up to 60 factors identify the systemic relationships of the intangibles that explain much of a firm's market to book ratio in order to manage value creation based on transparent facts.

Insights: root-causes. The unique combination of survey questions addresses the sources and interference of unused creativity, missing innovation and stalling growth to unlock the potential and performance.

Results: fast & effective. In only 20 minutes, few participants conduct the online diagnostic to reach highly significant insights fast without the usual irritation of involving a lot of people, hence it reduces time and cost.

Outcomes: targeted action. 17 diagnostic think tools such as the Leadership Scorecard™facilitate a rich, action-oriented conversation to shape the soft organizational issues without losing control and focus.

Foundation: Transparent research. The Performance Triangle serves as an accessible, transparent guide and source of ideas with a shared model and language to create sustainable change through dynamic capabilities.

For a higher ability to act in your organization,

Use the proven INsights Tools for your corporate development

Determine your Management Design for turbulent times

Find out how the Performance Triangle impacts your bottom line

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