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About Dinergy Consulting

Dinergy Consulting is a new age firm offering services in following two fields -Improving Organisation Effectiveness & Individual Effectiveness. Today's fast changing environment demands that Organisations & Individuals develop capacity & capability to adapt, cope with ambiguity & manage risk to successfully sustain themselves.There is a increasing need for Organisations & Individuals to develop Agility, Resilience & a Willingness to learn & unlearn things.    


Our solutions focus on improving Organisation & Individual Effectiveness.

Organisation Effectiveness solutions focus on harnessing the source of success & competitiveness for today's knowledge driven environment. We are witnessing a big shift in the key capabilities which will make an organisation successful. Scale & Efficiency are losing their value & are being replaced by Agility, Responsiveness to Change, Collaboration & Trust, Leveraging Collective Intelligence & Knowledge, Resilience & Risk Taking ability. 

The focus is on 

  • Improving Organization's Agility & Adaptability to respond to Customer needs, Changing environment & Emerging opportunities. 
  • Introducing  Work Management practices, which improve Performance, Collaboration & Decision making. 
  • Developing Leadership capability for leading & working in a Dynamic environment.

Individual Effectiveness solutions focus on helping a Person, a Couple & Families to deal with Personal Issues & Challenges.

Modern life , changing lifestyles, our ambitions & needs are leading to shifts in our values, family-societal structure & priorities in life. This is in turn places demands on the multiple roles a Individual plays & the expectations it places on them in various relationships at different life stages as well as the psychological & emotional needs. Many a time we are able to deal with them, but increasingly we are witnessing that we are unable to cope with these demands & the situations sometimes end up overwhelming us & deeply affects us.      

The focus is on 

  • Improving Psychological Well Being. 
  • Ability to deal with challenges related to Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Relationship concerns.
  • Providing Psychotherapy services to support Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships.  


Our Work Philosophy is guided by following principles

RELATIONSHIPS : Close, enduring relationships with clients

NEW PERSPECTIVES : Helping the client see the whole picture from different perspectives

CUSTOMISED / BESPOKE APPROACHES : Tailored to the unique needs of each organization and each group of people

SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE : Of Human behavior in complex organizations across many settings

COLLABORATION : Work collaboratively in partnership with clients to achieve sustainable and committed change

TRANSFER : Helping clients do for themselves what they originally needed our help with

VALUE ADD : Making a real difference in the profitability or effectiveness of service, lived experience, and sustainability of Human enterprise

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